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Our Initiatives

We equip leading social entrepreneurs in India who are shifting mindsets and making societal systems change towards equitable access to justice. We do this by facilitating tacit exchange of knowledge and resources, creating new avenues for collaborations and fostering collective impact.


Unlocking Impact in Justice

How do social entrepreneurs view changemaking in law and justice? What do they envision the roadmap to justice to be? We launched this initiative to understand answers to these questions and build tools to help justice-changemakers innovate towards realising social justice.


Young Changemakers in Justice

We enable spaces that invigorate young people that have found their power to create change for the good, and further boost these young changemakers' movements towards justice.


Venture and Fellowship

We aim to develop an ecosystem of leading social entrepreneurs and critical sector catalysts. In line with that, we search, select, and support social entrepreneurs and young changemakers and their innovations.

Fostering Social Innovations in the Law and Justice Sector

An overwhelming majority of Indians do not have access to justice. Government mechanisms and entitlements reach only a tiny percentage of citizens. While some social innovations have made progress and reached thousands, we still have a very long way to go to address the needs of 1.3 billion people. We have realised that only through the potential of every citizen as a changemaker can we mount a genuinely scalable and systemic response to the diversity and size of problems pertaining to access to justice. In India, this is particularly true given its diversity, inequalities and power structures.

We at Ashoka established the Law for All Initiative (LFA) in 2020 to catalyse the network of law and justice social entrepreneurs who are shifting mindsets by building social innovations for their communities.

Our ecosystem is established with three building blocks - a collective of leading social entrepreneurs, critical sector catalysts and influencers, and a growing movement of young justice changemakers. This ecosystem, equipped with powerful ideas such as the collaborative resolution of disputes, open access to law and justice data, well-being in criminal justice systems, and community justice solutions, can achieve widespread and irreversible impact.

We are helping strengthen the programme of Justice-Changemakers in various fields through our Venture and Fellowship and the Ashoka Young Changemakers initiatives. Additionally, we are currently mapping the thematic underpinnings of various sectoral issues and the vast array of social innovations pioneered by Justice-Changemakers. In our mission to achieve the idea of ‘Everyone A Changemaker™’ (EACH),  we are also actively expanding our support for grassroots leadership by young innovators and partnering with other Ashoka Fellow-led organisations. This site is a portal for our past and present work, failures, and successes.

Internet is not unique in terms of it not being there, and most of it falls around an economic access which manifests itself through that kind of social discrimination, which has historically been based on caste and gender.

Apar Gupta
Founder, Internet Freedom Foundation
Apar Gupta

Digital rights are no different than other development issues that we are currently facing. In fact, a proper framework of integration between these issues would not only make it exponentially faster to solve but also provide stability in the long run. 

Osama Manzar
Founder, Digital Empowerment Foundation
Osama Manzar

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