Mapping Changemaking in
Law and Justice

How do social entrepreneurs view changemaking in law? What strategies do they use to inspire systems change and innovations towards access to justice? How are they influencing communities to lead the action in their respective communities?

Law for All Initiative presents its study of systems-changing social entrepreneurs and young changemakers. This study presents the key impact narratives and themes that the pioneers in the field apply to advance their fight toward equitable access to justice.

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Key Themes

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Unpacking Changemaking in Law

Does everybody want to be a changemaker? Do they have the same definition of changemaking in their respective lines of work?

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Building with the Community

Nothing about us, without us. Workstreams that build through the lens of the target population encourage field research that builds empathy for people, along with discovering the unmet needs of marginalised populations.

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Catalysing Collaborations

As most societal issues don’t exist in a vacuum but arise from an interplay of various actors and environmental conditions, solutions built in isolation usually fall short of optimum efficacy.

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Data for Justice

Data which is central to all monitoring and evaluation processes can help develop better metrics if collected properly and in an inclusive manner. It can also create ways for practitioners to treat problems from a systemic lens.

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Demystifying Legal Literacy

Knowing you are equal and that you have rights is still not widely known even after 70 years. Legal literacy is the first step that creates agency in citizens to transform their situations."

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Powering Changemaking through social media

Social media has become a significant medium of youth organising across the world, and a platform to interact with laws, policy and governance.